Meet Kelly

I am Kelly, and although I have worn many hats in my life, I am about as ordinary of a girl as there is.  The one thing that has stayed consistent throughout my life is my love for all things cowgirl.

I have a real soft spot for original western art in all forms, thanks to my dad. We love western paintings, sketches, leather tooling, rawhide braiding, photography, horsehair hitching, bits, spurs and especially western bright cut engraving!

Although I design and make western jewelry, I am an engraver first. I have been an engraver since the 90’s. And at that time, I was not a very good one to say the least! With very little resources available in those days, I worked hard by putting in a lot of trial and error hours to better myself at my craft. I was a predominately a custom order business, and my abilities were stretched by my customers and their orders.  Eventually, I was gifted with some amazing educational opportunities in the engraving world and I started to find my way a little more.  I realized that my heart was with designing and engraving jewelry.

Over the years, I have transitioned from strictly custom order, to the addition of small trade shows, and then onto the big trade shows.  Once again I find myself transitioning, this time to an online shop and closing my books to commissions. Each piece that I offer will be designed, handmade and hand engraved by myself.  I am excited to share what I do with you!

I welcome you to my store and I hope you enjoy your shopping experience with me.

The History of McRae Silver

I started engraving and silversmithing over 20 years ago and blundered along for several years while raising our family and working on our ranch in the Alberta foothills, alongside my husband.  In roughly 2006, an educational opportunity was presented to me in the form of a scholarship with the Traditional Cowboy Arts and I went off to work with Scott Hardy.  This became a pivotal experience in my engraving journey and I just wanted to learn more and more.  Since that time, I've had the good fortune to meet many talented engraving influences. I have been privileged to work under their tutelage, attend their classes or just working alongside them. 

In 2011 the face of McRae Silver went from one to two, as my son Tayte began his career as a full-time engraver. We work independently but share our name, please check out his store for some amazing one of a kind pieces to add to your collection @